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Everything baked by the team at Bakeworks is made from scratch, the old fashion way, using only the very best gluten free ingredients. Our passion for good food has led us to develop an innovative and creative range of gluten free breads, buns, pizza bases & biscuits that taste unbelievably good!  We get great satisfaction from being able to offer all customers a healthy & tasty alternative, especially those with gluten and other food allergies such as celiac disease.

We hope you enjoy our gluten free range as much as we enjoy baking it! 

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Go on, give your body a break, go gluten free!

Going Gluten Free - The Benefits!

A Gluten Free diet can be absolutely essential in fighting specific health issues (particularly coeliac and wheat intolerance), but it’s also great for those simply looking to build an overall healthier diet. By minimising your use of gluten, or removing it from your diet all together, you will find yourself to be more energetic, productive and altogether healthier

A more receptive digestive system, stronger brain activity, higher energy, a decrease in cholesterol levels and weight-loss are just some of the benefits people discover when decreasing their gluten consumption. Fortunately, Bakeworks and Home St. make the switch to a Gluten Free diet easy, with our vast array of delicious products including breads, buns, cookies, pizza bases, crumbs, cakes.

We are a NZ business that has been making allergy free food since 2001, constantly developing our recipes to offer our customers a huge amount of hand-crafted, gluten-free products. With years of experience in the field, our energetic team are devoted to making the tastiest, health-conscious food that families across the country can enjoy and benefit from.

Why not give Gluten Free a go?

It has been instrumental in shaping healthy lives of people all around the world and with us it is easy. Bakeworks and Home St remain dedicated to providing you with a vast amount of gluten-free options, keeping you happy and healthy.

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Pullapart White Bean Sandwich with Basil, Cranberries & Walnuts - created by Carine at Sweetashoney

Pullapart White Bean Sandwich with Basil, Cranberries & Walnuts - created by Carine at Sweetashoney

Use our gluten free Pullapart Bread to create this white bean sandwich with cranberries, walnuts and basil in a creamy tahini mustard dressing. An healthy vegan gluten free sandwich with Christmas colors perfect to bring on the beach for post Christmas detox lunches.
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Introducing Home St.

Introducing Home St.

Developed with your complete nutrition in mind, Home St. offers so much more than just something to hold your favourite sandwich fillings!  
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Why we sprout and activate our seeds..

Why we sprout and activate our seeds..

Bakeworks creates high quality products, working from the very start of the process to you purchasing it. That means that we can ensure that the product you’re consuming, has been made ethically, with care and to a high-standard. Why? Because you are important to us.

So where exactly does the whole process start? Right from the seed!

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